Comunidade de Accións e Saberes

Artigo sobre a Comunidade de Accións e Saberes Arredor do Rural

Artigo que narra o inicio e sentido de ser da Comunidade de Accións e Saberes Arredor do Rural. Publicado en Diálogos Com a Arte, revista de arte, cultura e educação.

Resumo en inglés: This project was published in December 2020, as a result of common concerns from a group of Higher Education teachers/researchers in Alto Minho, Portugal, and Galicia, Spain. The project is based on training and intervention, through the education of primary, secondary, and higher education students, supported by training practices embodied in the urgency of creating some knowledge more aware and closer to rural contexts, discussing, taking part, producing, educating, and implementing, eco-sustainable practices in these rural communities. This decision brings formal, intentionally, and non-formal education closer to the interests, needs, and urgencies of these communities, to change and involve them in a sharing of eco-sustainablebehaviors and practices, which can continue to be used by future generations. It will bedeveloped in several steps, aimed to build alternatives for the future of all. It is addressed tostudents in training, rural communities and associations that present themselves as sowing ground for the discussion and implementation of informed behaviors, and a sustainable future transformative development. The potential of service-learning, as an innovative methodology, working together with education and social intervention initiatives, presents itself as adequate
to investigate how eco-sustainable rural development can allow the democratization of knowledge and the construction of alternatives more based on the decision-making of rural communities.

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