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Art as Field of Local Re-Appropriation and Epistemological Dialogue in Times of Collapse

Artigo sobre as posibilidades da arte e da aprendizaxe-servizo para un diálogo entre saberes no contexto da crise ecosocial.


What can we do in the field of knowledge to face the current ecosocial crisis? To understand the
Collapse of the current system, we need to reflect about how globalized capitalism involves
irresponsible activity towards the sustainability of both nature and society. We argue how this
irresponsibility has much to do with modern culture itself, the worship of Progress and the
systematic eradication and invisibilization of any other worldview. We argue that, if we are to
deal with ecosocial crisis in a fair way, Hegemonic Modernity needs to abandon its arrogance
and enter in a dialogue with those worldviews so that we can: a) consider their holders bearers
of rights and b) construct knowledge and ethics that are able to develop a better human-nature
relationship. We present and discuss three elements to articulate that epistemological dialogue:
a) focus in rural sustainable development and local action; b) integration of education/science in
social action; c) use of arts in knowledge creation.

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diálogos com a arte, 10